COVID-19 Procedure

COVID-19 Procedure


Organisers will meet children on arrival at the door and social distancing measures are in place in the corridor.  It is a one-way system into the hall. Parents are requested to remain outside if possible.  If the weather is inclement and shelter is needed parents can use the upstairs room which is accessed by the stairs to the right of the entrance to the hall.  There is limited passing space on the stairs so we ask that everyone using that room wears a mask.   

Everyone entering the building will be required to sanitise their hands upon entry to the hall.

During the sessions

Social distancing will be maintained and supervised in the hall amongst children who are not from the same household.  When children are performing, which will require them to project their voices, they will be at least 2 metres away from the other children.  We will use the stage for rehearsals which will ensure a degree of distance when raising voices.  

The main toilets are currently closed.  The disabled toilet is available and will be accessed on an individual basis to ensure that this can be sanitised after use.   

Only one person at a time is allowed in the kitchen.

If children require a snack they need to bring this with them as the tuck shop will not be open and no trips to shops outside can take place. 

If any child presents with symptoms during the session parents will be contacted immediately and the child will be isolated in the upstairs room, accompanied by one of the organisers, at a social distance.  Parents are asked to keep their phones on. 

Scripts are being sent out to everyone via email.  There will be some copies available for those who have difficulties printing.  It is important that everyone keeps their own script and does not handle the scripts of others.  Everyone is, therefore asked to look after their script and ensure it is marked with their name.

End of session

At the end of the session children will exit through the side door into the garden and out through the garden gate.  

All items will be cleaned prior to the next group arriving. 


We ask that masks be worn by anyone over 11 in the corridor and whilst accessing the toilet.  Masks will be optional in the main hall except for on the stage, for obvious reasons.  


The hall has purchased specialist equipment and organisers will ensure that everything is sanitised prior to sessions and at the end of sessions.


The group is moving to a different system of payment.  In future:

  • All payments will be in advance by Direct Debit on a monthly basis starting from when the group re-starts.  
  • If payments become more than one month overdue, we will contact you to discuss this. 
  • If you wish to give notice, in order to avoid incurring further charges, please do so within 2 working days of your payment leaving your account.   The notice period is 4 weeks/1 month; failure to give notice within the aforementioned two day period may result in a further full month’s payment being taken, at the discretion of the group.  
  • YAPY does not meet during the school holidays., however, we do sometimes hold additional sessions.  In order to ensure these are covered, payments will be for a total of 40 weeks per year.   Spread over 12 months this will amount to:

First child £6.67 per month

Siblings £5.00 per month 

  • Bank details for payment are: Yaxley Amateur Players, Sort Code 20-67-37, A/C no.70911402


Unfortunately, we are endeavouring to keep children in their own bubbles so we will not be accepting new members at tis time.  If anyone has friends who would like to join we can put their names on a waiting list, and as soon as it is possible to do so. we will re-open the club for new members.  

If anyone (or someone in their family) is displaying signs or symptoms of Covid19 before the session they should report to the group and not turn up to the Saturday session, isolating for 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

If anyone has any queries, please let us know as we will be creating a sheet of FQA’s which will be available on the WhatsApp chat.  All YAP policies and procedures will be available on the Yaxley Amateur Players website.